Septem Ostiis Macabre

by Macabre Goat

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Falling from the land of the dirty man Through a thick and reddish sky The trip seems like an endless pain Clouds of fire burning mind and flesh Death passages Souls perishing in eternity Atrocious memories of evil acts A life that took lives A soul without body Falling into the depths of the underworld Contemplating the red skies Keep falling apart The Red Skies!!! Blood-drenched clouds The Red Skies!!! Blood stains and flies The fall has stopped The bonds of hope were broken Dropping the remains, of the corpse That now, lies in death
The journey through the skies is over Fallen in a red and dark kingdom Standing in a rotten home Plagued by death and sinful dogs Fields Of Death!!!! Broken bones and flesh detached from bodies Mutilated, bloody and thickened skulls Halves of bodies coming out of the ground Not even the most damn book can describe these paths Walking is almost impossible Feet getting stuck with dead skin and loose skeletons Quick lands of coagulated blood Punished souls drag the fallen towards them On the other side of the road is the ship A cursed old man who will take you with the guardian of hell!!!
The fields of death are now behind you The old man will take you along A road full of decay Disembodied faces Mutilated bodies Toothless mouths Castrated members Perforated skulls Dismembered souls Adorning these paths of corpses A trail plagued with corpses All perished by an atrocious death Scars and mutilations as horrible As the life they led before their death Hard to forget a landscape so full of rot Faces denoting that they died in pain Unpleasant scenes along these roads Traumas and visions of the death of each corpse
At the end of the road Incandescent red lakes are found The hooded old man and his ship Take the damn through these streams Bodies bathed in blood are left behind Now these lakes of fire must be crossed The old man rowing through the flames Burning lava consuming the infidels The old man paddling in silence His face hid behind the hood you can’t see The fire reaches his body but he doesn’t feel pain Instead, it burns you every time you claim for help There’s no going back You earthly life has come to an end The journey to the evil one is long and full of suffering The Lakes Of Fire are not the worst of this punishment
The sixth gate, the gate of the palace of rotten bones Residence of the damned of twisted horns The entrance to the site of the most inhuman torture The core of hell, the palace of the Macabre Goat Walls built with skeletons Windows and doors with handles of bones Corridors adorned with red skulls Bone remains of tortured beings The goat awaits for the souls Siiting on his black throne Just a little to show you before him Through the seventh gate you will arrive him A dark and cold room The goat’s servants punishing non-innocent souls Among the flames and stones A deformed man at the entrance decides your punishment Red and bulging eyes Lips with leprosy and a rotten nose A list of impure entities Waiting for the sentence of the foul slave Rotten bones palace The adversary’s lair, the fallen angel With a goat’s head and crow’s feet Guardian of the underworld and enemy of the deities
The sentence has been handed down Only the most heartless beings can meet the goat An opportunity to get rid of eternal suffering To evade the severe torment of Cerberus Passages leading to grotesque rooms Full of demonic beings thirsty for pain Hell workers at the service of the master All that leads to the claws of the goat A corridor with candles leads to the lava room Place where the omnipotent evil is prostrated Every time you advance the claws of those who suffer tear apart Your pain never ceases in this place no matter how much you scream At the end of the road is the omnipotent evil With red eyes, horns and its member dripping semen His face is not distinguished, he is backlit But a macabre voice you can listen offering the last deal
Fuck you!


Debut album "Septem Ostiis Macabre" by Macabre Goat


released October 23, 2019



all rights reserved



Macabre Goat Mexico

Macabre Goat is a side project band from members of Demonic Manifestation and Ravenous Death. Born in 2019 in Colima, Mexico.

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